A Welsh lass born and bred, Mal Peters’ first complete story was a retelling of The Tortoise and the Hare, co-written at age six with her father; it involved the conspicuous use of vintage American muscle cars. Although she’s since gone solo due to creative differences, in the past twenty years she hasn’t forsaken her love of sweet rides or writing fiction, having completed degrees in Creative Writing, Literary Criticism, and Information Studies, and has published her work in a selection of Canadian university journals.

A vocal supporter of LGBT-Q rights and awareness, and and a frequent contributor to online blogs and exchanges, Mal has recently ventured into the world of m/m publishing with her debut story, “Perpendicularity,” which appeared to positive reviews in the Rainbow Award-nominated anthology Two Tickets to Paradise, published by Dreamspinner Press. Her first novel, Bombora, will be available in Fall 2012.

Simultaneously a librarian, freelance editor, and fencing coach in Toronto, she also enjoys cooking, music snobbery, soldering things, loudly pontificating the superiority of Piedmont region wines, and talking bollocks. If she can’t be overheard making sarcastic remarks or working on her trilogy in four parts, she’s probably asleep.

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