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Reviews are in!

18 Oct

Well, at least the reviews I could find! Who knew it would be so difficult to search out m/m review sites to see how Bombora is doing with readers?

Here’s what some of the blogs have had to say:

Top 2 Bottom Reviews:

5 out of 5 stars 

Mal Peters gives us a love story full of twists and turns, ups and downs, surprises around every bend. Wonderfully written in the first person from each character’s point of view, it takes us into the realm of consequences from our actions and decisions. She gives us exemplified instructions on how to properly respond to these consequences, or rather how NOT to respond to them, and also how we inevitably ignore the correct procedure until we hurt enough to listen, hoping it’s not to late. A wonderful example of life experiences I highly recommend reading.

Reviews by Jessewave:

4.75 out of 5 stars

This love triangle of the very different kind is a blazing angst-fest and yet so well-written that I barely minded.

“Perpendicularity” featured in two reviews

31 May

Good news, chickens! Two Tickets to Paradise is slowly receiving reviews from various m/m book review sites (I find it always takes longer for people to get around to leaving their thoughts on anthologies… I guess coming up with distinct opinions on 10+ stories is time-consuming), and to my absolute delight, “Perpendicularity” has been singled out with some really sweet reviews. I’ll post others as I catch wind of them, but this is what’s been said so far…

“After just breaking up with his girlfriend, Kyle decided to go to the resort in France that they had planned on vacationing together… alone. When he wakes to the delicious smell of fresh baked bread, he goes to investigate where these yummy smells are coming from. There he meets Dylan, who is a beautiful young man with a sweet personality. Will Kyle’s vacation end up being the best vacation he’s ever had? I loved Dylan and Kyle. Both are unique and sexy characters that were easy to like. I enjoyed watching them flirt with one another as they got to know each other. I wish they had a longer story¸ because I hated to see this one come to an end. There is a definite HFN ending with a hope for more and I liked that.”

Top2BottomReviews (read the full post here)

“Kyle is an Olympic snowboarding champion in France for a tournament. What was supposed to be a romantic weekend turned into a solo trip. But one look at Kyle’s personal chef and he thinks he might be able to make time for a little romance. He and Dylan have a great friendship that leads to more and was super cute. I liked it. B+”

The Bookpushers (read the full post here)

That last one, while nice, unwittingly made me channel my mother as I thought, “B-plus? WHY NOT A-PLUS???” But knowing me, it’s also a challenge to do better next time!